17 December 2013

Illuminated Beauties

One of my favorite holiday traditions is walking around New York City to see the decorations. Doing this instantly lifts my spirits. I hope my sharing these photos will do the same for you.

Today, we're along the vibrant 5th Avenue. 

This is the tree at the Bottega Veneta store. It's simple but the lights are the decorations themselves.

Look! Bags! Among the signature items of Bottega Veneta are its leather bags with a weave pattern called intercciato. This is unique to the brand that's applied to different styles:

The Tote Bag

The Hobo Bag


The weave pattern may not be that apparent in these photos but the texture and folds of the bag are clearly represented in these mini bag lights.

Bravo to whoever thought of this and to the guy {or gal} who's magical hands turned it into reality. Isn't this TADA!?

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