27 December 2013

Light and Magic

Three weeks ago, we started our holiday tour of New York City at Macy's. I guess it's quite fitting to end here. Let me share its store windows on 34th and Broadway:

A night is full of DREAMS, little one. Reach up! Take one. The meaning of Christmas is revealed on this magical night. 

 A crystalline land, behind sleeping eyes, with one lovely rule above all: SHARING is the greatest gift.

In this realm, wonder produces every shade of JOY. Happiness. Bliss. Elation. Delight. Do you see it too? 

BEAUTY elevates all things. But what is real? What is a dream? What does it matter at this time of year?

Christmas waves its MAGIC wand over a secret landscape, and all is mysteriously transformed. 

What we BELIEVE is what is possible.

Sharing and giving, joy, beauty and magic -- these make Christmas dreams come true.

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