04 December 2013

More Gift Tags

Hey, hey, Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday, I told you about my new toy, a gift tag stamp kit.

I made more gift tags, this time switching out the red ink pad to black. But here's a little secret:

If you flip the gift tags, you'll see that they are made of old boxes! Blah to TADA!, baby! A little recycling, even during the holidays, hurts no one, right?

Here's a holiday tip: once presents are wrapped, segregate these into paper bags {left over from shopping}. Assign a paper bag to a family or group of friends you're scheduled to see this season. To avoid confusion, add a label to each bag secured with double-sided tape. This is how I made good use of my recycled cardboard tags! 

Leave the bags under your tree or line them up in your foyer. Just before your party, pick-up the bag you need and you're ready to go. No scrambling involved. TADA!

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