11 December 2013

Journey to the Far East

There is a wonderland of Christmas Trees at the top floor of Macy's. Lots and lots of trees that will soften the heart of Mr. Scrooge:


The trees and the ornaments here are for sale. Some folks pick a few to add to their tree and some come here for ideas. That's the beauty of a Christmas Tree -- you can decorate it any way you want. 

Here is a theme that I haven't seen before. It's Asian-inspired:

A mighty dragon

A happy Buddha

A geisha

A cute little Japanese girl

A lantern

A pair of pandas

A Chinese take-away container

A paper crane/Origami

Another kind of lantern


A collection of fans

A fortune cookie

A pagoda
Whether these remind you of a place in Asia that you've been to or hope the visit in the New Year, I think they are all TADA!

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