17 August 2015

A Family of Frames

Hi guys! How have you been?

Today, I'm sharing a photo inspiration for a future craft I'd like to do. Here it is:

Displaying photo.JPG
It's a gallery frame made from small picture frames!

I would love to make this. Right now. But I don't have enough picture frames yet. But this is how I would do it:
  • Gather a collection of small picture frames. These might be frames you no longer use or finds from the thrift shop or yard sale.
  • Sand and paint each one in complimentary colors (ex. shabby chic, coastal, pastels). You may use sandpaper on the surface for an imperfect, weathered look.
  • Glue the frames on top of each other, being careful to keep the back slot of each frame free so you can add the pictures inside the frame. If the frames are not too heavy, hot glue would be a good adhesive.
  • Attach hanging hooks on the back.
  • Add pictures, colorful paper or vintage fabric in each frame.
  • Hang this up in your bedroom, office or craft room.

That's crafty recycling if I should say so myself. TADA!

Have a beautiful week!

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