10 August 2015

A Pop-up Card

I hope you had a lovely weekend guys.

This week, another craft born out of a hot air balloon festival I went to.

I'm using this cool paper.  

It makes a 3-D honeycomb pattern.

I cut out a balloon shape on one corner.

Then I apply some glue on both ends and attach it in the inner spine of a blank enclosure card.

When you open the card, the design pops-up like this...TADA!

I  drew the basket of the hot air balloon and an auspicious wish of wonderful travels.

Have an awesome week!


  1. That is so cool... you know, I really think you need to go up in a hot air balloon. It will be everything that you think it should be. I've been, so I know. ;-)

    1. How exciting, Rochelle! I can't wait for the chance to hop on a hot air balloon! :)


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