24 August 2015

One Page at a Time

Happy Monday lovelies! How has your summer reading been like? I'm sad to say I'm doing so poorly. I've always read a lot during the summer but this particular year has been quite busy so I haven't been reading as much as I want to.

But I still like to browse bookstores and check out a new title that I can add to my reading list. I found this one rather cute, I just had to share:

It's called One Page at a Time which and is a creative journal that you'd open daily to let you unplug from all the gadgets that occupy our lives.

I found the first page funny. But I secretly have the answers to all these questions already. 

I found this page rather striking. I can think of five persons right now. How about you? 

"Do not let this person go. Tell them what they mean to you". Let's do that, okay?

Have a good week everyone!

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