02 August 2015

A Hot Air Balloon Festival

Hi there! I promised you this post late last week but things have been a little hectic. My apologies!

Anyway, here are some photos from the Festival of Ballooning, an annual summer event held in Readington, New Jersey. 

Inside the Solberg Airport grounds, lots of craft stalls, food booths, free samples, and entertainment for the young and old.

It was the perfect day to be out. Crowds brought chairs, blankets and umbrellas, and just had a picnic.

A little before 7 pm, the balloons were ready to be inflated.

The first balloon to fly! The song "Up, up and Away" played on the speakers. It got everyone so excited.

More balloons followed.

It was my first time to see hot air balloons up close.

This guy was my favorite.

 Up he goes.

No one should ever tell a seahorse that he can't fly.

Spread some happiness.

Even Darth Vader and Yoda were there in balloon form

I loved the drama of the balloons once day turned into evening. I can't wait to go again next year and maybe even ride one!

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