03 August 2015

Crafts inspired by Hot Air Balloons

Happy Monday! Do you like hot air balloons? I recently went to the Festival of Ballooning and one of the highlights were the crafts for sale.

These are made of festive fabric.

Shiny, delicate ornaments.

Magnets made from different materials. I'm drawn to the colorful ones made of clay.

Accessories with the hot air balloon theme. See the hair barrette in the middle? I think it's easy to replicate using thin grosgrain ribbon and hot glue.

These ones are made of glass. I would put them by a window to let the light shine through.

I had to get one of these iron-on appliques!

This was the design I picked.

Remember this project pouch? It's a blah linen pouch that I turned into TADA! by adding different patches that I got from my travels. 

This is the back side, still with blank spaces for more patches.

This spot is just right for my new acquisition. I attached it using a hot iron.

And here is my project pouch, updated. TADA!

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