08 July 2019

Handmade Gift Bows

It's all about gift wrapping today!

I saw this at a store and thought I could make it myself. Why buy when we can D-I-Y?

I found some pink tissue in my craft stash.

I used some basic supplies like scissors, glue, and tape. 

I folded the paper in half and cut a fringe along the fold. I opened up the paper in the opposite way so that the petals form these arches. Then I rolled the paper onto itself and glued the edge in place...TADA!

Here's another idea:

I cut a fringe from the strip of paper. Compared to the first fringe I made, this is not cut along the fold giving the fringe a grass-like look. 

I wrapped the paper around the box and taped it in place. 

Then I embellished with stickers...TADA! 

Using the same technique, I made a flower by rolling the fringe and attaching it to the box with washi tape...TADA!

Doesn't it look like a carnation? 

And here's a final idea:

I cut multiple circles and stacked them on top of each other (adding a bead of glue between each stack). Then I cut fat fringes and twisted the bottom of the paper to bunch up the circles.

Now the paper looks like a pompom flower...TADA!

Even if you don't have bows on hand, you can make them yourself, turning plain paper from blah to TADA!

You'll find more D-I-Y bow ideas here, here, and here.


  1. I have never seen the idea where you made fringe and then wrapped it around the box. I love it!

    1. Sometimes my ideas are wild and random. I'm happy you like it, Priscilla! :)


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