09 October 2009

Ribbon Recycle

It's Friday and the major blah this week was the closing of several magazines over at Conde Nast, Gourmet Magazine included. Really heart-breaking news! I mean, Gourmet is an institution! I'm going to miss it a lot together with their TV show "Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie" on public TV.

I hope those who've lost their publishing jobs band together and create something spectacular. Just like Lonny Magazine created by former Domino Magazine team members. Discovering it was a real Tada!

It's quite bittersweet that I'm transforming old magazines from blah to Tada! this week. I can't imagine the day when we've gone all electronic and flipping through a magazine ceases to exist. I can't bear the thought!

Now on to happier things...here's another craft project that I'm sharing with you and as I made them, I silently said, "Thank you for magazines!"

From bookmarks to bowls to framed art...there are so many uses for old magazines. Here's another idea: turn the pages into gift wrap & ribbon!

Black, white & ruffles spell elegance.

Bow tie and buttons for your favorite guy.

Find a colorful page.
Fold, snip, pile and glue together.

Tada! A fancy ribbon to dress up any package.

And finally, a pink page that looks like a pretty flower!

Hope these ideas inspired you for your next gift wrapping task.

Have a fun weekend!


  1. I love these flowers, and I love to wrap gifts up so that they look as nice as the gift themselves! Great idea, I'm keeping all these ideas ready for Christmas! Only 9 weeks to go...and THAT is scary!

  2. Way WAY cute! I can't wait to do this with all my old cooking magazines for Christmas! Thanks for another great idea :)

  3. Good morning dear Alice in Wonderland (I know, Christmas is upon us!), Brittanie & Katie! Have a great Friday =)

  4. thanks for your comment! those ribbons are so cute!

  5. Oh, wow! Beautiful idea! I love the first two, especially!

  6. These are such cute ideas! I had always wrapped with magazine pages, but somehow didn't think to ribbon'ize with them?! how exciting! what marvelous ideas you come up with!

  7. Being one very fortunate gal to still hold a position in print publishing, I'm saddened about the direction in which the industry is heading. I could go on & on about this...
    On a positive note, I now have both a beautiful & justifiable reason to rid my place of those lovely J.Crew catalogs that I just can't bring myself to throw away:) Your ideas are wonderful as they are pretty!

  8. How clever! I am so very impressed this these projects!

  9. Hi Flour! You are one lucky gal! It's getting harder to get rid of the J.Crew catalogs...the pages are too pretty =)

    Thanks so much for your visit Emily!

  10. Two thumbs up for you love what you did..You Rock girl..Hugs

  11. Thanks you so much Lisa! Have a great weekend =)

  12. Gosh this is sooo cute n' clever!!!

  13. oh, it's a good idea and it's beautiful!
    thank you so much for your little message on my blog :)

  14. I love this idea! I don't know if I could cut up my magazines but maybe my husbands!!

  15. fantastic ideas! I love the first one. I'm totally going to do this for Christmas this year.

  16. Hello Bluehydrangea! Ummm, I hope your husband doesn't angry if & when you cut up his magazines ;-) Good luck!

    Hi there Chocolate & Steel! You're getting me all excited for Christmas!

  17. How did you do the bow? It is sooo pretty

    1. Thanks for your visit Ngocupham! Here's how to make a bow: Take a sheet of paper/magazine page and fold it lengthwise into thirds (folds overlap each other). You now have a rectangular strip. Find the center of the rectangle. Take one end of the rectangle and fold it towards the center. Attach with glue (only the end). Do the same for the other end. You now have a smaller rectangle (or a figure "8" from an aerial perspective). Pinch the center to form a "bow" shape with your rectangle. Tightly wrap a thin strip of paper around the center (make several turns)to keep it "pinched". Glue in place. Gently open/fluff up the "ears" of the rectangle and TADA! -- you now have a bow. Attach on a gift with tape or hot glue. Happy crafting!


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