19 January 2011

Paper Bows

So nice of you to stop by today!

I've got another idea to turn this
old, blah magazine into a Tada!:

The pages of this magazine are thicker
than a regular glossy.

So I took a black marker & drew a bow on the page.

Then I cut around it.

TADA! I used it in place of a 3-D bow
as a finishing touch to a present!

A small ribbon with multiple bows for a tiny gift.

Or a bigger bow for a hefty present.
The possibilities are endless!


  1. Oh, I love this Claire! How simple can it get and yet so pretty!

  2. Crafty Claire..my mind is whirling with all your 'Tadas'..love them:)

  3. I've enjoyed your magazine cut-out ideas! I'll have to show my boys. My younger one loves to cut out things from magazines. At my parents he cuts out cats. At our place he cuts out ransom notes. Haha! he learned it from The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  4. Hi there Shopgirl, Betty and Jen! Thank you for your kind words! I'm giddy that you like these easy cut-outs :) Jen, I think your little boy and I will hit it off -- we'll be entertained with a pair of scissors and magazines, heehee!

  5. Loving your Tada's! Fantastically simple, even I can do it!! Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog - now I have found yours too. Alison

  6. Hello Nuit and Alison! Thanks for making me feel the LOVE! :)

  7. whoa these are awesome!! i LOVE the type and the black outline!

  8. Hi Mandyface! So happy you stopped by today! :)

  9. Your Blah to Tadah fascinate me ALL the time!
    You're so creative it's amazing :)
    Love your blog Claire!


  10. You lifted my spirits today Aline! Thanks! :)

  11. I just found this today through Pinterest. What a clever and attractive (not to mention recycled and inexpensive) idea. I think this is perfect for a man's present! I have a hard time hitting the spot between too girly and not festive enough, but this does it. - Carmen


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