24 April 2012

Map Notes

Thanks to vehicle navigation systems and smart phones, we feel more confident getting to a location without the need for a map. Are maps turning obsolete? 

No matter, they're definitely a good item to 
turn from blah to TADA!

Today, we'll turn an old map into stationery.
Here's how:

You might have maps that are large enough to cover your entire upper body. Cut this up into a manageable size. 

Cut some more and attach this to one side of folded card stock or construction paper with a glue stick. TADA!, your map has assumed the identity of a note card!

Time to make the envelopes: use an old envelope as a pattern {open it up} and trace this on the map. Cut around it, fold the edges, and add some glue where necessary.

TADA! Easy envelopes!

Pair off the cards with the envelopes and use 
them immediately.

Or slip them inside a berry box, add some pens and 
garnish with a ribbon. Now, who would say no 
to a gift like this?


  1. 'Map-py note cards and envelopes..I love it Claire! I'm going to unearth every old map kicking around..if hubby isn't looking I might grab the new ones as well:)

  2. I hope you don't get into trouble using the new maps ;-) Thanks Betty!

  3. i sure hope maps aren't becoming obsolete. i just love looking at them, how places just make sense when you connect them with one. and those vintage maps, oh how i love those! please maps, don't ever stop existing!

    and no, i would never say no to a gift like that! lovely! :) lisa


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