09 February 2011

Wear a Hug

Oh winter, sometimes you make me feel so blah.

Sure, you're pretty to look at,
but slushy roads and below zero
temperature ain't fun. Sigh.

Thank goodness for fleece robes
that keep me warm & toasty.
No doubt a TADA! in my book!

08 February 2011

Walking on Clouds

This week, I'm taking a little break from
crafting to tell you about how I'm dealing
with this winter weather in the East Coast.

I think winter is a blah when the days
are dark, dreary and numbingly cold.

A simple & TADA! solution -- these soft, cushy socks!

They're thick & warm. Hmmmmn.

Here's a tip: Slather some lotion or
petroleum jelly on your feet before
putting on some socks.
Do this before bedtime and your feet
will be smooth & not winter weary.

07 February 2011

The Winter Blahs

Happy Monday everyone!
I hope you had a TADA! weekend,
and for you sports fans out there,
a super Super Bowl Sunday.

Today, let's talk about the
weather, shall we?

Where I live, it's been snowing every week.
And while falling snow is just magical,
mountains of dirty snow are forming
on every sidewalk, the roads are
slippery and it's freezing!

This is not Alaska.
It's the Hudson River!
{The seagulls don't seem to mind.}

Since it's too cold to play outdoors,
I'll tell you how I turn this
blah situation into a TADA!

I make me some hot chocolate!
I poured it into a bowl so
both my hands are warmed
when I take a sip.

This is one of my favorite brands.
It's thick, rich and not too sweet.

And what's hot chocolate without

These ones from Trader Joe's
just have the right hint of mint!

Have a wonderful day!

04 February 2011

Please Send a Valentine

I'm thinking that many of you dismiss Valentine's Day as just an ordinary day. I'm with you on that one, I must admit. I don't expect flowers or an evening on the town. But I don't mind sending out Valentine cards. Especially if it's for a worthy cause.

As I've told you last Monday, ETSY and Citymeals-on-Wheels will share the love to elderly New Yorkers by providing hot & healthy meals, heart-warming greeting cards and friendly fellowship. This project is called:

And ETSY wants us to join in! All we need to do is to make a card (or more) and send these to the ETSY Office. You'll find all the details and FAQs here.

I've been taking advantage of my time indoors (due to the wild winter), turning blah materials into TADA! greeting cards. I just can't stop! In my mind, I imagine that an elderly lady or gentleman's day will be brightened because of something simple as a Valentine card.

Here are the new ones I made:

Using gift wrap scraps

Reusing brown paper circles that once held truffles

Look what shiny stickers & a silver pen can make!

Plain card stock + decorative puncher = TADA!

If you have some time, please make a Valentine card
{enlist the whole family, too!} and send these
to ETSY by February 9, 2011.

It will make you feel good, I promise!
Have a crafty weekend!

03 February 2011

Warm & Fuzzy Heart

Howdy lovelies! For those of you sending cards or handmade gifts for Valentine's Day, I've been sharing a few ideas since Monday. I hope these will give you that spark of inspiration to create that special something for your special somebody.

Cardboard boxes, whether big or small,
I encounter them every day.

What a blah.

But when I was reading through Patricia's blog,
A Little Hut, I was hugely inspired!
She made these wrapped hearts
out of cardboard.

So pretty, I had to try:

Cut some hearts out of the cardboard.
Maybe you'd like to use Patricia's
heart template for rounder edges.

Hot glue one end of the yarn to the cardboard.
Keep wrapping the yarn around & around...

...until the entire piece is covered in yarn.
Neatly hot glue the end of the yarn to
the cardboard to keep it from unfurling.

TADA! An ornament for your
home or office.

Or one that you can give away.

Or one to embellish a card or gift with.

02 February 2011


Okay, here I am again, reusing pages from an old magazine.


Cut them into squares
{these are 6 inches by 6 inches}

TADA! Turn them into these paper origami vases!

Add a witty one-liner.

Then add something small & sweet
like these chocolate balls.

Or turn the paper vase into a basket by
hot gluing some ribbon.

Add a little toy like a rubber frog
{he might just turn into a prince!}

You can also use gift wrap remnants or
origami paper for a touch of color.

Throw in a few kisses.

Or tuck in some handmade paper flowers.

Wasn't that TADA!?

01 February 2011

Heart on a Stick

It's the first day of February & Valentine's is just
around the corner. So I'm starting early with some
blah to TADA! ideas for the day of Happy Hearts.

Blah: unused chopsticks from
those evenings when you ordered in
but decided you'd rather use a fork.

I know you have a few lurking in
your kitchen drawer.

Take out the felt
{fabric scraps or old shirts will do}.

Pair them up, secure with pins and
cut them into squares.

Cut the paired-up squares into hearts.
Seal the edges by sewing or with hot glue.
Leave a small opening.

This is where you'll insert some
fiber fill {or cotton from an old pillow}.

Insert one end of the chopstick into
the fabric heart.

Seal the opening with more hot glue.

Add some accessories.

TADA! Hearts on a stick ready to be shared.