03 February 2011

Warm & Fuzzy Heart

Howdy lovelies! For those of you sending cards or handmade gifts for Valentine's Day, I've been sharing a few ideas since Monday. I hope these will give you that spark of inspiration to create that special something for your special somebody.

Cardboard boxes, whether big or small,
I encounter them every day.

What a blah.

But when I was reading through Patricia's blog,
A Little Hut, I was hugely inspired!
She made these wrapped hearts
out of cardboard.

So pretty, I had to try:

Cut some hearts out of the cardboard.
Maybe you'd like to use Patricia's
heart template for rounder edges.

Hot glue one end of the yarn to the cardboard.
Keep wrapping the yarn around & around...

...until the entire piece is covered in yarn.
Neatly hot glue the end of the yarn to
the cardboard to keep it from unfurling.

TADA! An ornament for your
home or office.

Or one that you can give away.

Or one to embellish a card or gift with.


  1. What a lovely idea ! I'm going to try this soon..

  2. These will look beautiful for a Valentine's Day decor. Must check if I have red or pink yarn!

  3. I quietly follow you, but have to say that I love all of your craftiness and resourcefulness...thanks for the great ideas!

  4. Hi Betty! I'm crossing my fingers that you found red or pink yarn! White can work, too :) These wrapped hearts are quite addicting once you start!

    Hello Johanna! Thanks so much for the shout-out.
    Your comment made my day. Seriously! :)

  5. Thank you Nuit! You can use it for so many things! I think this will look good as a mobile (hearts in different sizes) in a baby's room :)

  6. so great, i love it! great blog find :-)

  7. Thank you Jen! Thank you also for linking my blog on yours & for spreading the word on Etsy's Special Delivery project. :)

  8. What a great idea!!! My boys just cleaned out their room and in the trash were a couple boxes...so will do a bit of creating this afternoon. I'm also thinking this could be dones for Christmas with stars and tree cutouts!! must remember that for next Christmas!!!
    I'm going now to Patricias's and see what she's got happening over there...thanks for the link!!!

  9. You are right Miss Dkuroiwa! This technique can be applied to different shapes. Thanks for your comment and enjoy crafting with the boys :)

  10. Merci. Pour le tuto je cais utiliser cette idée, pour faire faire des coeurs a l'ehpad. Merci beaucoup


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