02 February 2011


Okay, here I am again, reusing pages from an old magazine.


Cut them into squares
{these are 6 inches by 6 inches}

TADA! Turn them into these paper origami vases!

Add a witty one-liner.

Then add something small & sweet
like these chocolate balls.

Or turn the paper vase into a basket by
hot gluing some ribbon.

Add a little toy like a rubber frog
{he might just turn into a prince!}

You can also use gift wrap remnants or
origami paper for a touch of color.

Throw in a few kisses.

Or tuck in some handmade paper flowers.

Wasn't that TADA!?


  1. A very good Tada, Claire! Been away for a bit but always love coming back to your posts..they bring a bit of sunshine every time:)

  2. Oh sweet Betty! Thanks! Your comments ALWAYS bring me smiles and sunshine. :)

  3. such cuteness again! i love all the options you showed and that origami paper is so pretty :-)

  4. Thanks Jen! I just realized you can also put little rabbits inside the paper basket to celebrate Chinese New Year! :)

  5. your blogs is so full of warm smiles :)


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