09 February 2011

Wear a Hug

Oh winter, sometimes you make me feel so blah.

Sure, you're pretty to look at,
but slushy roads and below zero
temperature ain't fun. Sigh.

Thank goodness for fleece robes
that keep me warm & toasty.
No doubt a TADA! in my book!


  1. Hmmm always lovely to be snug and warm when it is cold outside! xxx

  2. Thanks for coming over today Curious Cat! It's one of those mornings today - 15 degrees out!
    Hope you're warm over there. :)

  3. Beautiful blue robe..time to keep toasty and dream of warmer weather!

  4. Hi Betty! My robe sends a "Thank you for the compliments". :) I'm really looking forward to warmer weather!


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