01 February 2011

Heart on a Stick

It's the first day of February & Valentine's is just
around the corner. So I'm starting early with some
blah to TADA! ideas for the day of Happy Hearts.

Blah: unused chopsticks from
those evenings when you ordered in
but decided you'd rather use a fork.

I know you have a few lurking in
your kitchen drawer.

Take out the felt
{fabric scraps or old shirts will do}.

Pair them up, secure with pins and
cut them into squares.

Cut the paired-up squares into hearts.
Seal the edges by sewing or with hot glue.
Leave a small opening.

This is where you'll insert some
fiber fill {or cotton from an old pillow}.

Insert one end of the chopstick into
the fabric heart.

Seal the opening with more hot glue.

Add some accessories.

TADA! Hearts on a stick ready to be shared.


  1. Hi Claire,
    I hope you don't mind, I've featured you here.

  2. Thanks so much Mari for featuring me on your blog! I am honored! :)

  3. OMG!! so cute!!! these projects (today's and yesterday's) are so sweet. Totally inspiring ;)

  4. Hi Nuit! I've missed you! Thanks so much for this comment :)

  5. I like the idea! I was looking for a simple thing to give to my husband (we don't really celebrate valentine's day) and this seems a great one!
    Thanks, Claire!

  6. cute, cute, love! i've got to buy me some felt ;-)

  7. Thanks Miss Papgena and Jen! They're so easy to make! :)

  8. Thank you Ali! I agree, felt is awesome! :)


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