07 February 2011

The Winter Blahs

Happy Monday everyone!
I hope you had a TADA! weekend,
and for you sports fans out there,
a super Super Bowl Sunday.

Today, let's talk about the
weather, shall we?

Where I live, it's been snowing every week.
And while falling snow is just magical,
mountains of dirty snow are forming
on every sidewalk, the roads are
slippery and it's freezing!

This is not Alaska.
It's the Hudson River!
{The seagulls don't seem to mind.}

Since it's too cold to play outdoors,
I'll tell you how I turn this
blah situation into a TADA!

I make me some hot chocolate!
I poured it into a bowl so
both my hands are warmed
when I take a sip.

This is one of my favorite brands.
It's thick, rich and not too sweet.

And what's hot chocolate without

These ones from Trader Joe's
just have the right hint of mint!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Here it's almost summers. I love the snowfall, and the pics were definitely beautiful.
    Although, no one can win over a hot chocolate served in a blog. yummy!

  2. Mmmmm...yeah, I got some of those chocolate covered marshmallows from Trader Joe's...they're good (at least I think so), but my girls were disappointed by the strong minty flavor.

  3. Thanks Aakash! Enjoy the summer weather there. :)

    Hello Marfa! Thanks for saying hello today! I know, I think the chocolate-mint marshmallows are more for the children at heart...that means more of these for us! Tee-hee. :)

  4. Those marshmallows look amazing! I've never seen those before...yum.

  5. Thanks for dropping by today Miss Destined For Now! I want to share some of these marshmallows with you :)


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