29 April 2009

Inner Beauty

What do you do with envelopes after you've paid the bills? Before handing them a one-way ticket to Club Recycle or the sunny shores of Shredder-land, take a look inside.

Mom told us never to judge books by their covers, the same is true for envelopes! If you take a look inside, you'll see many of them have these graphic patterns on them.

Cut out the patterned portion...

...And with a paper punch, turn them into stationery!

Salvage the unprinted portion and turn them into tiny envelopes
with glue &
scallop-edge scissors.

I created a set using several old envelopes.
I secured them together by recycling the postage part of the old envelope.
I think it makes a cute, old-fashioned-age-of-letter-writing touch!

Save the window and the punched-out bits...

...And turn them into confetti!

Give a friend a stationery set -- I bet she won't even know

they're made of old bill envelopes!

Have a great day!


  1. You are so inventive! I wish I were half as creative as you.

  2. Hi lovely lady from The Cottage Cheese -- thanks for visiting! =)

  3. Very clever!! Thanks for visiting my site and for your sweet comment. Have a super upcoming weekend.
    Cari B.

  4. I love this post Claire! your ideas are simply wonderful and simple, yet, I would have never thought of this myself!!!

    Now, I know what I'll be doing tonight ;)

  5. Howdy Genevieve & Cari! Thank you for visiting & for the nice comments!

    Nuit, thanks for always coming over. Your messages always make my day!

  6. Claire, that's a smart way to recycle envelopes and make pretty stationery set indeed !
    Lovely !

  7. Hello Anna Lindsey! Hi Vanille! Many thanks for your sweet comments =)

  8. you are too cute. clever blog! xo.


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