10 November 2009

Chocolate Spoons

On my blog this week, it's all about finding uses for plastic utensils left-over from a party or delivery.

We'll turn these spoons from blah to TADA!

We'll need to melt some chocolate.
Then we'll coat each spoon.

Let the chocolate harden.
Wrap & decorate.

For a thoughtful gift, assemble as a bouquet
or put some on your
dessert buffet.

Use it as a stirrer for coffee, milk or hot chocolate.
As the chocolate melts, it flavors your beverage!

Use it to eat ice cream,
that way you
can lick the spoon clean.

See you again tomorrow for another gift-giving idea!


  1. oh yum, what a clever idea! I'm always wondering what to do with those pesky plastic spoons that the takeaway man relentlessly brings us! Thanks Claire!

  2. Hi there Lisa and Adriana! Thanks for visiting me this morning :) Have a fun day!

  3. oh Claire, this christmasy idea is delish!!!

  4. Great idea, definitely going to try this with a big bowl of icecream! :)

  5. I always make chocolate spoons to add to coffee gifts! It's fun to use different chocolates and make designs with them.

  6. LOVE THIS!!!
    PS--can i have your email address?
    Loves ;)

  7. O! Sorry for the drool! Those chocolate spoons look tasty! Cute idea!

  8. This is such a cute and wonderful idea! Thanks so much for sharing and im sure anyone would enjoy this lots! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  9. I'm definitely going to do that this year. Great idea!

  10. Hi there Nuit, Kerri Lynne, Spryte, Rachel, Danielle & Clint, Jacqueline and Maryellen! Thanks so much for your comments! Hope you can try this sometime :)

    Spryte...that's a great idea of using different kinds of chocolate & adding them to coffee gifts! Thanks for the tip :)

    Rachel...you can drop me a line at blahtada@gmail.com

  11. great idea for all those random spoons that have taken up residence in my kitchen...

    thanks for stopping by today!

  12. Hello Jill! Thanks also for visiting me :)


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