13 November 2009

Thanksgiving Friday

I think it's important to count life's daily blessings and here in the US, Thanksgiving is just days away. That's why for the entire month of November, Fridays on my blog will be "Thanksgiving Friday"!

I want to thank Anna Lindsey over at All Things Creative
for giving me this awesome award!

Thank you also to Lauren who featured me on her blog today.

Today, I am also thankful for...

The scent of freshly washed laundry

Buttery scones served with strawberry jam

Puddles after the rain

The first snow of winter


When the circus comes to town

Starry, starry nights

What are you thankful for?
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Ah, well done! Congratulations! Everyone is giving up thanks at the moment...a good time to do so too. What am I thankful for? It needs some thinking...I think I'm just thankful for good friends and family - and my health and to live in a country and be in a situation where I have shelter, food and warmth and that I have some chance of following my dreams... xxx

  2. Wonderful post! Congrats on your award. I'm thankful for my salvation in Jesus Christ.

  3. Good Morning Curious Cat and Lisa! THANK YOU for sharing what you are thankful for! I am pretty sure you will be blessed even more because of this. Have a great weekend :)

  4. I thank god for another year and YOU for keeping us inspired day by day. xo (and Starry Nights!!! YES!)

  5. What a great idea! In Canada we have Thanksgiving in October - gives us more time to prepare for Christmas :)
    We always have so many things to be thankful for - we really should have Thanksgiving every month. (maybe not all the food though)

  6. Awww Nuit! You are so sweet! Thank you for always, always stopping by to say hello :)

    Hi Audrey, Thanksgiving every month (but with less food) sounds great! Thanks for visiting :)

  7. Cute idea for a segment Claire. Congrats on the blog award! I actually came to your blog to award you the same one, haha. But decided not to seeing as somebody beat me to it!

    I'm thankful for my supprotive family and friends, coffee, rain and the blogosphere :)

  8. Thanks so much Adriana! I'm thankful for all that you mentioned, too!

  9. Such a lovely post and a wondeful sentiment! Congrats on your award. I am looking forward to your new friday column! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!

  10. Thank you very much my dear Jacqueline :) Your comments always make me smile!

  11. What a fun series! Thankful Fridays should continue all year :)
    I'm thankful for lazy Sundays with the hubby and puppy!

  12. Hello Krissy! Thanks for your visit. That's a great suggestion :) Hi to your husband & puppy...hope you won't have a lazy Monday :)

  13. I'm thankful that my little dude went to bed without a fight. And now I want scones!

  14. Thanks for visiting Kristin -- I hope bedtime with the little dude will always be easy and peaceful :)


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