03 November 2009

Christmas Is Coming!

With Halloween behind us, we're slowly gearing up for Christmas. To keep our sanity during one of the busiest times of the year, the secret is early planning and being organized.

This blah used to contain Asian pears.

Tada! It's now a gift wrap station holding ribbons, gift tags, address labels and stamps for all the gifts and mail I need to send out for the holidays. Have a good day everyone!


  1. Oh the many ways to reinvent the pear plastic wrapping! Bravo! :) xxx

  2. I don't have pear containers, but this is a great idea! I was just grumbling 2 days ago about my mess of Xmas wrapping stuff, in a paper bag and some in a plastic bag. I need to find a similar container and organize like this!

    Yayyy Christmas! :)

  3. Yayyy Christmas indeed! Thanks for your comment Christina! Maybe you can use egg cartons or boxes in different sizes :)


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