17 November 2009

Merry Mobile

This week, we're helping out Layla find new uses for her old jar lids.

Thoroughly clean the jar lid and add four holes
using a nail & hammer.

Cover the lid with colorful paper (I used printed tissue)
using glue or Mod Podge.

Reinforce the holes through the paper with a needle and
insert a piece of ribbon in each hole.

Create happy little pillows using felt & fiberfill.

Attach these to the ribbons.

Tada! A magnificent mobile fit for a child's room.

I hope you can do something creative today!


  1. oh! I LOVE this idea! I've got some seashells with holes in that would look lovely hung like this! Thanks :)

  2. Claire, thank so much for visiting me today. I LOVE this idea, it's so cute!
    xo Lidy

  3. Ooh, looks so lovely!! :)

    I was wondering if the lids would hole well, and how, and didn't dare to try before!
    Good to know it's doable! (and doesn't require an electric drill!!:)

    At the absence of current kiddies, I'm thinking of other decorations too - and Sooz, the shell idea is fab! Do tell if you ever make it! (And if they balance well?)

    One could even pin up different decorations or DIY cards or such according to mood or season! :)

  4. Thank you Sooz, Miss French Garden House, Lisa, Ashlee and Layla for visiting me today :) I love all your comments!

  5. This may be the coolest tutorial ever! I love the finished product, and the lid is a great idea.

  6. Thank you dear Celia and Holly!

  7. Glad you like it Jill! Thanks for popping in to say hello :)

  8. Clair I love you and your blog, you're amazing!

  9. Awww (blush)...thank you Adriana!


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