16 November 2009

Blah to Tada! Challenge: Jar Lids

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope the weekend was kind to you. This week, we have another blah to Tada! challenge. I'm helping out the Lovely Layla who sent me this e-mail:

Can you tell me what to do with old metal lids from glass jars? I have tons of them! (Okay, a big box at least! Mum says they're unusable for jams or such, so...??)
They're partly covered with plastic (inside) so I hear they're not recyclable...? Help!

This week's blah -- old jar lids.

For today's project, I'm using these Bonne Maman lids.
They come in handy when you want to save these...

...doodles made by your kids.

Just trace around the paper (use the lid as a guide) and cut.

Slip the page of doodles inside the lid (secure with tape) and TADA! it's now a framed piece of art! By attaching a magnet at the back of the lid (use a glue gun), these jar lids-turned-frames can also be fridge magnets! Don't you love things that are double duty & earth-friendly?

Have a really nice day!


  1. What a cute idea! I have a stack of jar lids I had no idea what to do with (other than spend hours scraping off that plastic ring) but now I do!

  2. Really cute idea! These could also be used for photos too! Cool! :) xxx

  3. Hi Tuppence! Thanks for visiting my blog...I hope you can use some of my ideas :)

    Good Morning Curious Cat -- you are absolutely right, they can be used for photographs, too!

  4. WOW, thanks for taking them on as a challenge!!

    Great idea for using them as Art!! :)
    Maybe you can even tell kids about framing it and give them pre-cut circular pieces of paper - I am seeing snow-flakey ornaments too!

    Cat, great idea about photos too!
    I am now seeing 'memos' or 'mini inbox' (for anyone acquainted with GTD?) or 'inspirational quotes' too!

    Some of our unusable ones are not so pretty, and some are even 100%-plastic! (Others look almost exactly like the ones on the photo! Are you sure you were not in our cupboard?;)

    Tuppence, what do you do with the lids when you scrape of the plastic? Can they be recycled where you live?

  5. Oh, and I just had an idea - for anyone not using magnets: maybe one could drill/cut little holes in it and use yarn to hang them, or pin to cork?

    Can't wait to see your other ideas!! :)

  6. Hi CitricSugar...thanks for visiting me today!

    Hello Layla...thanks so much for building on these ideas! See you again tomorrow :)

  7. Brilliant! I'm imagining all kinds of photos in these lids...and getting paint involved. Wonderful idea :)

  8. Oh yes this is such a CUTE idea! I love it! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  9. Hello Elizabeth, Maria and Jacqueline! Thank you so much for fabulous comments :)

  10. Love this idea! The grandparents will be getting some of these for stocking stuffers for sure!

  11. Hello Erica! Hi there Ashlee -- thanks for your notes and Ashlee...that's a great idea of making kiddie artwork at stocking stuffers :)

  12. This is a very cute idea.
    I'll have to try it with something else. No kids. Maybe my cat would be so kind? :)

  13. Hi CrowNology! Thank you for visiting :) Your cat can draw?! Amazing! Seriously, photos of your cute kitty will be perfect!


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