19 November 2009

Cute Containers

Well hello there! Thank you for stopping by today. This week, I'm giving old jar lids a make-over.

With a little magic, this blah...

...becomes a TADA!

First, I made sure the lids were cleaned and dried thoroughly. Then I wrapped a ribbon around the rim (secured with hot glue) and personalized with a bow & button. I also lined the inside of the lid with scrapbook paper cut to size. Now, I've got myself a multipurpose caddy!

I use it as a container for beads whenever I'm making jewelry. It holds same color beads together and keeps them from rolling off my desk.

I can also use it to hold small office supplies like clips,
tacks & rubber bands.

Put a ring on it! Use it to corral jewelry and hair accessories, too.

See you again tomorrow!


  1. clever AND crafty! So glad you stopped by, hope you'll be back...I know I will! This is great!

  2. adorable--I'd love to stack these!

  3. Wow Claire you've been so brilliant this week! the luminaries and the mobile and now these little containers... amazing. xo

  4. I think you could punch a hole in the top and use them as gift tags for Christmas (or other) too.

  5. WOW! Another cute and cool idea!!

    Very simple & elegant & easy to do too! /How didn't I think of that?! hmph!!:)

    I have a bunch of silly doodahs, and this would be perfect for them!
    Stacking them is another great idea! (Provided there's a bit of 'infrastructure' to prevent spilling!)

    These could even be used to store USB keys or SD cards or such.. (I think. Any laws preventing them to be stored on metal? I know magnets are probably out of the question with memory sticks!)

    Not sure if this would work with the ugly and uneven plastic lids, and idea for those?
    Or maybe I can't be greedy, that's probably stuff for another challenge! /sigh/

    You've really greatly outdone yourself with this one, I had no idea such pretty objects could be made out of old lids!! :)

  6. Wow I love your ideas, great blog.....
    Thanks for visiting me, so glad you left a comment xx

  7. Dear Claire,

    These ideas are so nice!

    I like jar lids, and I've made little mirrors from them, together with my children. Some aluminium foil in the center, papier-maché around the edges and painting.
    But after 10 mirrors we had to stop. Now we can upcycle again, thanks to you!

    greetings from Holland,

  8. Hi Nuit! Thanks a lot :)

    Thank you CrowNology...that's another great idea :)

    Glad you like the ideas Layla! I'll think of some new ideas for plastic lids :)

    Thank you for visiting Kerry!

    Many thanks Kristin :)

    Welcome to my blog Marleen! Mirrors out of jar lids -- thank you for the tip!

  9. ok. now that's really smart AND cute!

  10. I'm seriously so impressed. I would NEVER think of doing something like this, but I love it. I wish I could bring you to my place -- I could use some innovate and inexpensive ideas of what to do to my room (a grad student has very little money to do much with).

  11. Welcome to my blog & thanks so much for visiting DesBisoux & Brandi :) Have a TADA! weekend!

  12. Clair I love this one, it's my favourite thing you've done so far!

  13. Thanks Adriana! This is so simple to make & you can experiment with different ribbons & paper :)


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