11 February 2013

A Week Full of Hearts

Happy Monday! Since it's Valentine's Day on Thursday, I'll have a heart-fest all this week.

via how about orange
Jessica made this adorable origami page marker, I had to try it out myself! I just followed these simple instructions.

It's a good way to turn scrap paper from blah to...


Here's how I would make it even more TADA!:

I've been cooking from this cookbook I recently bought and I think it makes a great gift for both the beginner or more advanced cook. I have a few ladies in mind that I want to give this to and when I do, I'll personalize them this way:

 I'll call attention to the yummy recipes I've tried
using the heart-shaped markers.

A tried and tested recipe is always appreciated,
don't you agree? 

Add a few more origami hearts on the 
cover flap to "wrap" the cookbook.

And of course, a little note!

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