01 February 2013

Printed Balloons

Instead of plain balloons, why not try printed ones?

That's exactly what I'm using my craft punch for. I tore off printed pages from a holiday catalog and punched out these balloons. Sexy, no? Then, I turned them into birthday cards for my besties. All I used were card stock, a paper trimmer, glue, a pen {to draw the tails}, and double-sided tape so the balloons look like they're really floating. With these simple materials, I've turned blah into TADA!:

Black, white and yellow.

Balloons peeking out from the flap.

Open to see more balloons and a surprise message!

Here's one for another fabulous lady:

Some pink and animal print won't hurt anyone.

Open the card for another set of a balloons and
an area where you can tell your friend 
everything you love about her.

Wasn't that fun?

I put each card I made into these glassine envelopes, and I'm ready for all my friends' birthdays this year. I wish you all a wonderful weekend! 

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