18 February 2013

Marvelous Mousepad

I hope you guys had a beautiful weekend! Today, I'm tackling a project that's been on my list since last year. It's quite minor, but given that I use it everyday, shouldn't it be pleasing to look at? 

Here it is -- it's this mouse pad.
It was a freebie and it's terribly blah.

I sought out these rolls of adhesive paper. They're really used as shelf/drawer liners, but just because they're made for that purpose, doesn't mean we can't use them for other stuff, right?

I traced around the mouse pad and cut it to size.

I removed the paper backing and gently attached it to the face of the mouse pad. I used a straight edge {ex. ruler or bone folder} to remove any air bubbles.

See the transformation -- from blah to TADA!

Can you blame me if I'm in love with my "new" mouse pad?

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