15 February 2013

Love Letters

Today, I'm carrying over some love in the form of love letters -- old-fashioned wooing in a more modern format.

via Pookie and Jack
Various letters reincarnated as a cushion cover

via uncommon goods
Hand towels printed with loving prose

via uncommon goods
When the white towel is opened up, it looks
like a sheet of paper. I'm loving the 
typewriter font!

via Bueno Style
A miniature love note that can be worn 
close to your heart.

via country living
This one involves a little more work. First, you'll have to bake the cookies, cover it with icing, and then write a letter using these edible markers. Don't be too sentimental because unlike traditional love letters, this can't be stashed in a box under lock and key.

via For Such a Time Designs
Another option is to write the letter
and have it engraved.

Aren't these ideas blah to TADA!?
Have a joyful weekend!

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