07 February 2013

Messages on Sticks

Hi Everyone!

Remember the time I made TADA! pompoms 
out of blah ribbon spools

Well, I have another idea on how to use 
those homemade pompoms.

Let's add these blah chopsticks to the mix
{I've amassed a handful from take-out night}. 

Hot glue the pompom onto the chopstick,
and here's what happens:

Festive Valentine cards! TADA!

 To add color to the chopstick, I twirled a
ribbon around it and attached with glue.

 I wrote a cheerful message on paper,
decorated this with cut-outs and stickers,
then attached it to the chopstick with ribbon.

I think anyone's heart will leap when he or she 
gets one of these, especially the folks of 

Another way to use this idea -- turn them into 
TADA! party invitations.

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