06 February 2013

Sweater Weather

When Valentine's Day approaches, you can very well count on me to make greeting cards in my signature blah to TADA! style. As in past years, I'll be participating in Etsy's "Special Delivery" project. Together with City Meals on Wheels, the good folks at Etsy will be delivering nutritious meals, handmade cards and companionship to elderly New Yorkers. Awesome, right?

Here are some of the cards I made:

 blah: pages from an old J. Crew catalog 
{I fell in love with these sweaters!}

blah: cardboard boxes 

Glue these together to form postcards, add a few mini hearts made from felt remnants, and write a message on the back. Slip each one inside an envelope and prepare to make someone smile. TADA!

It will sure make the recipient all fuzzy and warm. 

And you, as the maker/giver, are guaranteed
a happy feeling for your generosity.

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