16 August 2012

Stripes and Sparkle

Don't you love receiving gifts, especially those that are thoughtfully wrapped? The next time you give a gift, maybe you'd like to add some pizzazz to the package. Don't worry, no expensive wrapping paper needed -- we'll reuse materials that we have on hand.

blah: a paper bag from an afternoon of shoe shopping 

The stripey part is quite attractive, 
but let's get rid of the label. 

Simply cut out the bottom part.

 Create a new bottom by folding the paper and
gluing in place.

If the mouth of the bag looks sad and frayed, just fold 
over into the bag {about half an inch} and 
secure with glue. 

 TADA! It looks nice and neat.

We'll use alphabet cut-outs made from glitter sticker paper
{go ahead and try out other kinds of paper}
or glitter letter stickers if you have them. 

 Experiment with the layout and stick them on 
the bag once you are satisfied.

Just add the gift {and a card} and it's ready to be given away. 


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