14 September 2020

Felt Animals

Hi! Do you like crafting with felt? It's a material I've used several times -- for ornaments, a heart pin, flower embellishments, pin cushions, and a jewelry tray.

I saw these at a store. They are flat felt animals tucked inside an envelope. These can be mailed to a friend who's far away or as a surprise in a child's lunch box. 

Because I thought the idea was so adorable, I had to make some myself! Let me show you:

First, I chose these cool shades of blue felt.

Then I made a template out of cardboard. 

Trace and cut.  

There's one front piece (that I embroidered with a bear's cuddly face) and one back piece of felt.

I attached the front and back pieces together with hot glue for a sturdier bear.

And I made a small envelope pouch using gift wrap.

Then I put the bear inside...TADA!

Here's another version, this time a cute kitty cat.

Write a sweet note and it's ready to give away. I guarantee it'll turn your recipient's day from blah to TADA!

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