04 April 2011

BAGS: From blah to TADA!

How are you dear Lovelies?
Have you welcomed Spring with some closet cleaning?

I have and I found a bunch of bags that need a little love.
You'll see how I transform them all this week.

Today, we begin with this:

It's an amenity kit from a flight a few years ago.
This pouch is quite dapper, reminding me of
fabric used for a man's suit.

But from blah...
It's now TADA!
I thought a bright flower
{made of felt & attached with hot glue}
would add some color & burst of femininity.

I think I'll use the bag for my set of nail lacquers.
So girl-y indeed!


  1. Very... very cute indeed! Where do you get all your inspiration from? So talented! Love the bag!

  2. SO nice! I wish I could say that I cleaned a closet and made something fun, but alas, I did not. So glad that you did, though! :) Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Thanks a bunch Carolyn and Mary Ann! :)


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