08 February 2012

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Very nice to see you today!

Yesterday, I made this vanity bag inspired by a Marc Jacobs clutch. It's made from an old airline amenity kit and felt.

I had a few extra hearts.

I'm drawing inspiration from these
heart-shaped pins by ban.do

These ban.do hearts can be worn as a corsage,

All we need are two pieces of the felt hearts,
needle & thread, a lapel pin, sequins, scissors

Sew the sequins on to the felt

You can put as little or as many
sequins as you want -- in the same
color or in a contrasting shade

You'll notice that the wrong side of the sequined heart has the stitches {not pretty}. So what we'll do is cover it with another felt heart. Sandwich a piece of cardboard in between the felt hearts to provide structure. Hot glue will keep everything together, then finish off by sewing a lapel pin at the back.

TADA! A shimmery heart pin!


Your comments are very much appreciated!