25 August 2009

Book of Cards

This week on blah to Tada, I'm helping Marti
organize her business cards.

Here's my second suggestion:

Get yourself a blank notebook or journal.

Divide the notebook pages for each letter of the alphabet and make a "cover page" for each letter. You can draw, paint or cover the page with printed paper and add the corresponding letter.

You may also put tabs (ex. tape flags) on the sides to make it easy to find the page you need, just like you would find on an address book.

Attach the calling card to the page with glue (if information is on one side of the card) or clear tape (if both sides of the card contains information).

This card organizer works well for business cards with odd shapes & shows off those cards with photos and cool graphics.

See you tomorrow for another idea!


  1. You are crafty cool, my blogging friend. How in the world do you get ideas so quickly? Haha. Do you sell your crafts and what not? Etsy.com sounds like a place you belong!

  2. Good morning Stephanie! I'll think about going into business one day, heehee...Thanks for the encouragement =)

  3. oh, just as i thought ! It keeps getting even better! :)

  4. Hello Filipa! More ideas 'til Friday =) Thanks for visiting!


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