05 August 2009

Knitting on the Go

We're giving new life to this cardboard carrier :

Just by wrapping the box with pretty paper, a blah is now a Tada!:

With the new look is its new identity as a knitting caddy.

Fill it with yarn, needles, patterns & a pair of scissors
allowing you to take your current project anywhere!


  1. Thanks Nuit! Have a great day!

  2. I like recycling! Great ideas you suggest!
    warm greeting

  3. What a great idea! Thanks for stopping by my pixiepages. You have a wonderful blog...reading back posts now.

  4. I love your bottle carrier makeovers...too cute...and the fact that your recycling...makes me love them even more!

  5. Super cute! Though my husband definitely would prefer the beer...

    Thanks for stopping by Sweeter Living today.

    See you around;)

  6. You're refab ideas for this cardboard tossaway are absolutely refreshing. you always come up with neat ideas. thanks for sharing!

  7. Welcome to my blog Pixie, Andrea, Dreamgirl & Stacy! Thanks for the cheerful comments =)

  8. You are so creative..! I love all of your ideas, but this one has to be my favorite...maybe because I am longing for winters, and time in cozy cafes, drinking from warm mugs and knitting (or what passes for knitting) with good friends while we wax poetic about life... ;)
    (Didin't think a beer carton could elicit such a response..! :)

  9. Thank you Vintage Simple! I must agree with you -- I didn't think a beer carton can make you nostalgic =) Happy knitting!


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