14 August 2009

Fit for Evening

Hey, hey...it's Friday!

If you're going to a dressy event soon, today's blah to Tada! transformation will be right up your alley.

This week, it was all about empty tape rings and dispensers. We mustn't leave out that thick round of sealing tape, don't you agree?

It's still useful even after you've used up all the tape!

Okay, I'll reveal today's project -- we're making an evening bag!

We're using the empty tape ring as a handle.

I fashioned the bag using some thick cardboard.
No patterns, just free-form estimates with the help
of a ruler, pencil & eraser (I made many mistakes!).

Wrap the empty tape ring with your choice of fabric.
Secure with a glue gun.

Do the same for the entire bag.
Attach the handle & closures (button & ribbon)
with needle and thread.

Tada! Instant evening purse!
High style without the high price.

You can even slip the handle around your wrist
making it easy to hold a cocktail & plate of
hors d' oeuvres.

Leave the bag plain (if using a shiny or printed fabric)
or decorate with bling & beads!

Happy partying & have a Tada! weekend!


  1. How clever! what a playful way to make an evening bag!

  2. This is amazing - have just come across your blog and just read this entry. Will immerse myself in the rest, because it looks like what you do is right up my street.
    Tada ;-)

  3. Claire you are amazing! How do you come up with all these things!! WoW :)

  4. Hi there Trude, Hilary, Sonja & Filipa! Thanks for visiting & leaving such sweet comments. See you again next week =)

  5. i am wondering how you open the little purse to get things in or out??? and how is the ring attached to the bottom ???

  6. Hi there Lilly! I'm happy you discovered my blog =) I attached the handle to the body of the purse by hand-stitching. To open the bag, simply unhook the ribbon closure from the button and the bag opens wide!(I should've taken a photo of the inside of the purse.)

  7. That looks so cool...I would put lots of flashy stones on it..I love things shinny on black...

  8. Thanks for visiting Lisa! Flashy stones sound Tada! =)

  9. ...Well aren't you a smarty pants!....wonderful idea!

  10. I love your blog - wow! The name is great and so appropriate for what you are presenting here. What a fabulous looking purse - such a great idea so as to not have to juggle drinks, dishes and a handbag all while trying to maintain one's decorum.. i look forward to coming back often to see all of your ingenious innovations!

  11. Thanks a lot Donna! Please, stop by anytime =)


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