12 August 2009

A Statement Accessory

This week's blah: plastic tape dispensers.

When the tape's all finished, don't throw away the plastic rings!

Wind a ribbon around the ring to instantly change the look!
The more, the merrier.

Then attach the rings to a chain...

Tada! You've got a necklace that makes quite a statement!

Here's another version using two rings, chains and a silk sash:

This will definitely add some Tada! to a simple outfit.

And for yet another version...

Glue the rings together to form a four-leaf clover or
five-petal flower
, add sparkly buttons
attach to a chain.

Wear the necklace off-center
don't be
surprised if this turns out to be
conversation piece!


  1. Wow- that's amazing! How creative, I am so impressed!

  2. I'm loving your blog Claire! So many cute and brilliant ideas!

  3. So cute. I love it. How do you attach the chain?

  4. Awww Thanks Filipa!

    Hi there Muzzymom, thanks for dropping by!
    I used invisible string (or a thick piece of thread like crochet thread) to attach the chain to the rings. I also glued (glue gun) the opening of the chain so that the chain doesn't accidentally slip off the thread.

  5. Just found your blog! It's great! I will be stopping in often!

  6. I love them all, the last one is my favorite!

  7. That's incredible! I've been reading your blog for ages, never commented before, but now I HAD to! I really love your ideas and creativity!

    I just transformed some pumps from blah to tada, but I forgot to take "before" pics. The "after" pics are right here, if you're interested : http://royabelle.blogspot.com

    Anyways, keep up the great work, you're an inspiration :)

  8. So inventive! I would never think to do something like that with tape rings! Thanks so much!!

  9. Hi there B.B. Bellezza -- I'm glad you found my blog! Come over when the mood strikes =) You're welcome anytime!

    Thanks Yansy...the last one is my favorite, too!

    Hello Royabelle...really, really appreciate your compliments & encouragement!

    Thanks A Stylish Presence! Please visit again soon =)

  10. wow! how awesome!!! I love your blog... gonna be coming back often... how come you don't have followers? :(

  11. Welcome to my blog Thais! Glad you like it =)
    By the way, my "followers" icon is hidden =)

  12. WOW! This is an epic transformation! I adore it.

  13. Thank you very much Flutterbot!

  14. that is amazing! you are so creative.

  15. Many thanks Down & Out Chic =)

  16. I'm thinking snails! Make some snails!

  17. Hi Jen! Um, snails out of the tape dispenser? I'll see what I can do =) Thanks for the suggestion!

  18. Claire!!!!!!!!!! Now this just might be my all time favorite project you've made! Love it!

  19. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm Ashlee! I hope you can make one (or two or three!) of your own!


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