27 August 2009

Cards in Jars

Well hello there! This week, I'm on my first ever blah to Tada! challenge. Marti sent me an e-mail requesting for ideas on how to better organize her business cards. It had to be easy and must be made of recycled goodies. I hope I haven't failed her so far!

Here's a new idea that makes use of old jelly jars & salsa bottles.

Sleek business card holders in three simple steps:

Step 1: Scrub the jars so they're squeaky clean & don't smell of food.
Dry them well.

Step 2: Label the bottles in alphabetical fashion: A to E, F to J, etc. or create categories based on the business cards you have: new acquaintances, business partners, favorite restaurants, etc.
Step 3: Add in your business cards and display the bottles on your desk or office shelf.

Tada! Clean, clear & no clutter!


  1. I may have to start asking people for their cards now, just to have a reason...LOL
    These jars are just too cutesy:)

  2. What a cute blog! Love your ideas! Clever!

  3. This really is pretty Claire :) and the stationary box, oh gosh you are sooo creative. Have a happy day! xo

  4. Welcome to my blog Hasley! Thanks for visiting =)

    Hi Nuit! I wish you a happy day as well =)

  5. Too Cute! Looking forward to collecting some jars!

  6. What a fun blog!!! How creative and what a great way to use things!

  7. Thank you dear Jakki & Lemonade Makin' Mama =)
    See you again soon!

  8. This is a really adorable idea!

  9. Genius! How clever. Your blog is delightful, Claire!

  10. Hi there Faith! Hello Chanteuse Cherie! Thanks for popping over & leaving me with such nice thoughts =)

  11. Oh, I like this one! I'm gonna start keeping all my jars now!

  12. Thanks Cookie Cutter! Jars have so many uses =)

  13. Thanks you dear Strawberry Lemonade Girl! =)

  14. for a real treat add a cinnimon stick
    and the lid... leave it for a day or so.
    then it will smell wonderful... soooo
    when you give it to the person hand it to them japanese style... both hands, about
    2 to 4 inches above their belly button...
    (hold on to it for a split milla~second...)
    so they remeber... and the smell will be
    there... it is the lastest thing in Japan
    (you can also add a cotton ball with scented oils on it to the jar.)
    use refreshing sents...or comforting sents..it will get person's attention , they will remember it, and the scent will stay
    longer with the oils...but do not get it on the paper card themselves...)
    Do these in small batches because it is good to change out your smells... so that others will notice... dont be surprised if your
    clients ask for a extra card!
    The best way is to leave the lid on of course, so the scent stays till you share them!
    Hope you have fun!

  15. Hello Rane! This is a fun idea...thanks so much for sharing =)


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