07 December 2009

A Card to Wish You Good Cheer

Hi and thanks for visiting me today! I hope you had a terrific weekend...I sure did with some craft fairs and my first holiday party.

You may be thinking of greeting cards and some of you may even be ready to send yours out. Here's a greeting card idea I did a couple of months back. Remember the handmade hello? I received a lot of comments from that project, I thought I'd make a new twist for this season.

We'll need an empty ribbon spool & an old paper bag.
(Left-over from gift wrapping & take-out dinners)

We'll also need scissors, glue, colorful paper and
a decorative puncher.

Type up a letter to a dear friend and print it out.

Another version is a list of wishes for the coming year.

Using a pair of scissors, cut out what you've printed, making sure it's the size of the ribbon that was once on the spool. This will be the new "ribbon".

Attach the edges together with glue.

Decorate the empty ribbon spool with paper in a fun design.

Add your friend's name (ex. Dear Rachelle) and
a little intro (
This Christmas I wish you...)

Then add the "ribbon" that you made. Glue the inner end to the empty spool, wind the "ribbon" around and attach a small sticker or piece of tape at the outer end to keep it from raveling.

Make an envelope from the brown paper bag.

Make it pretty!

Sign the greeting card, address the envelope and
mail it
to your favorite friends.

A blah to Tada! idea that's unique
& thoughtful!


Your comments are very much appreciated!