11 December 2009

WISHmas Tree

This week on blah to Tada!, I crafted some greeting cards and gift tags using materials from past Christmases. Today, I'll do the same but instead of just one blah, I've got three to make one exciting Tada!

The first blah are these Christmas cards I accumulated through the years. After they holidays, I store them in a plastic box, never to be seen again...that's the blah of this blah.

These cards were lovingly sent with very meaningful wishes inside. I thought, "Why not keep these good wishes until future Christmases or pass them on to others?".

Then I was watching the Martha Stewart Show where they demonstrated how to make Christmas trees out of magazines:

It was a craft that was right up my alley -- hey, it's totally blah to Tada! You'll find the instructions here.

Here's my second blah...an old catalog just lying around the house.

I began folding...

...and folding.

Until I made my own Christmas tree!

I needed to jazz it up in my own personal way.

So I got a third blah -- a foil take-out container.

After cleaning it up, I made these
circles (I traced a coin with a pencil).

I glued the circles on the tree (with some hearts), added the greeting from the Christmas card and topped it with a foil star.

Tada! A WISH-mas tree I can display for years to come or give as a gift to a nice family on my list.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Oh Wow thats very clever! My Nan had an angel that must have been made in a similar way when I was little, with the pages sprayed gold - I'd forgotten all about it until I saw this! Thanks for bringing me back that sweet memory! :)

  2. Hello Sooz! Christmas is a season of memories...I'm glad to have triggered a memory from your childhood with the wish-mas tree :) Have a fun weekend!

  3. I did this once with a book. I'm going to try it with the ikea book now because I don't have a christmas tree.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Janelle! I've seen books turned into trees like this and other ornaments. I love the drama of black letters on a white page :) Happy weekend!

  5. GREAT IDEAS! you're too good! :)

  6. Oh Hi Belen! How have you been? Thanks for coming over to say hello :)

  7. I've been looking for a creative idea that would just get me to do something fun and that tree did it! Much thanks, Claire! :)

  8. I'm so happy to know that Paivi! Thanks for visiting & happy crafting ;)

  9. mine didnt work out like yours. it was more like half a tree :(

  10. That turned out SO well! I used to make angels out of tv guides using the same technique when I was a little girl. We did it at church one time, and I went home and made a bunch more because I thought they were so much fun. Thanks for showing us your magazine tree!

  11. Oh Janelle, I'm sorry to hear about your half tree :( I ran into some hiccups, too. The base of my tree wasn't flat (I think I didn't make the folds at the bottom tight enough) so I put it on a small pot, as if the tree was "planted" there :) Hope your next try will be better -- could it be the size of the magazine?

    Thanks Holly! I think I want to try making angels next time :)

  12. These are so cute! It's so fun to reuse things you already have to make something pretty!

  13. Howdy Kermiefrg! Thanks a bunch for your comment :)

  14. I am really, really loving this idea! I see this as a centerpiece for next year's Christmas decor!

  15. Thanks for stopping by Jennae! Can't wait to see the tree you'll be making :)


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