21 December 2009

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Happy Monday Everyone! Last minute shopping and wrapping presents are occupying most of our time these days...Christmas is just a few winks away! This week, I'll be sharing some gift packaging ideas that are not only pretty for the recipients but pretty for Mother Earth, too!

Today's blah...these empty pint-size ice cream containers.

Tada! Washed clean and wrapped with colorful paper!
Finish off with a ribbon handle...

... or a delicate tassel.

Fill it with candies. Or stuff it with small gifts like cologne,
warm socks and handmade jewelry. Then use this exceptional gift box again!


  1. Oh my goodness, i would never even think of these things! Love this idea.

  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Hello Megan and Kathryn! I'm very happy you visited me today :) Thanks!

  4. Well Claire this idea is a live-saver! (for me... today) really....! Happy monday!!! x

  5. Super cute! I bet the recipients would find themselves craving something cold and sweet and not know why ;)

  6. Thanks for saying HI Nuit :)

    Hi Kara -- uh-oh, ice cream craving comes with the package :) Thanks for visiting!

  7. Hello there Erin! I like the tassle, too :) I got the idea from a candle container...inspiration is everywhere!

    Glad you like it Sooz!

    Thanks for stopping by girls!


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