03 December 2009

Cheery Chirps for Christmas

It's all about ornaments for the tree on my blog this week and if you've seen my previous entries, you'll see that I'm using everyday objects like a charm from an old chandelier, a small picture frame and a cheesecake box.

Today, this is what I'm turning into a Tada! -- a little bird that was once a decoration on a gift. Cute, right? By gluing it on a clip (from the office supply or hardware store) and clipping it on a branch...

...It's now part of my tree!

Birds like this are available in craft stores. You may also experiment with insects like butterflies, dragonflies and bugs...add some glitter and see them sparkle!


  1. So cute! Reminds me of my grandparents' Christmas trees, they always decorate them with little birds. I too recycle the decorations on gifts (especially Easter-themed ones, I attach them to pins or nails and use them to hold posters, it looks pretty on my walls), it would be too bad to throw them, they're so adorable ^^.

  2. Oh that is the perfect ornament! I am totally going to search around my house for similar items right now.

  3. Thanks Clapi! I'm glad this one brought some nostalgia :) That's a great idea...Easter-themed/seasonal stuff make great Christmas decorations, too!

    Thanks LizzieBeth!

    Thank you Blair...happy hunting!

    Hi Kara! Thanks a lot :)


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