14 December 2009

Paper Bags

Happy Monday Everybody! I'm pretty sure your days are getting busier as Christmas approaches and I want to say thank you for still finding the time to visit my blog!

This paper bag from Starbucks is a real Tada!

It talks to you, in fact it orders you around --
in a good way of course!

I love the lines "So reuse it. Reincarnate it. Re-imagine it."
The future of this bag rests in your hands!

Don't reuse it once. Reuse it again and again!

It was this bag that inspired me to do a week's theme
of "paper bags".

Here are some plain paper bags that were used
to wrap my purchases from recent craft fairs.

I whipped out my funky stamp and ink pad to
decorate the otherwise blah paper bag.

Tada! It's now a gift bag!

Simply slip in a gift, add a tag & ribbon
you've got an instant package!

And another piece of good news: this bag, ribbon
and gift tag can be used again & again!


  1. Hello Paula! Thank you for visiting me today!

  2. Brilliant! Who would have thought?!

  3. Hello there Reese and Nuit! Thank you for stopping by! Have an awesome week :)

  4. Beautiful! Every few years, my extended family, after Thanksgiving dinner, gathers around to use brown paper sacks and create beautiful gift bags such as yours. Isn't it fun? And yes, everything can somehow be "re-purposed."


  5. Thanks for your visit Chelsea!

    Hi Karen -- that sounds like a really fun family tradition! Your family is so blessed to be into creating & crafting :)

  6. Claire your blog is *totally* helping me out this week! I'm starting to wrap present and realized I have no tags, but I found a stack of old Christmas cards; Tada! I love all of your ideas; you're a real saving grace.

  7. Hi there Roxanne! Thanks for your lovely note! So happy you are doing some blah to Tada! yourself :)

  8. I love your blog Claire, this is a cool idea and easy to do too

  9. Hello Adriana! Thank you! I think crafting should be easy, practical and inexpensive :)


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