09 December 2009

TADA! Tags

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Look at all these tags -- they came with the gifts I got last Christmas:

I thought they were too cute to throw away.

I want to re-use them but there are some
written wishes at the back.

So I glued each one on card stock, scalloped some of the edges with
special scissors and added some string.

See? The back of the tags are blank,
ready for me to write my holiday greetings!

I've got adorable gift tags...

... to embellish the presents I'm giving away.

And I saved a little bit of cash that way!
Don't you love a
blah to Tada! idea?


  1. It's so fun looking at your creative ideas. Keep up the good work. I have a recent post about recycling gift wrap. You should check it out.


  2. Definitely awesome! Our family always reuses gift tags but we're less sophisticated - we just cross out the old names and write new ones :)

  3. Really Kara?! That's awesome...less work! Happy Holidays :)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I LOVE those gift tags! Wow!
    Your blog is darling!

  5. Thank you Cheryl for your visit & sweet note!

  6. seriously, this is an awesome way to recycle.... I had not thought of this but I am going to do it. thanks claire!!! xo

  7. Claire, just stopping by to let you know I used this idea tonight while wrapping some presents! I took Chrsitmas cards I received last year and found cute parts of them (I had great luck on the back, actually - they usually have a little picture back there too!) to cut out and re-use by punching a hole in the corner! I'm glad I got to use ea. card at least twice and also - they look so much better than the little To/From stickers in my opinion!! Thanks for the idea and showing us that it doesn't have to look like it's been used twice - it can actually look really nice!

  8. Hooray Christina! It makes my day when someone like you writes that they like the blah to Tada! idea of the day. What makes me even more happy is when friends like you make the blah to Tada! idea yourself and put your own personal touch. Thanks and have a nice day!


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