29 December 2009

Lots of Love

Hi there and thanks for stopping by! This week, instead of crafting, I'm sending you off with a few wishes and I hope you'll carry them with you in the new year.

Today, I wish you lots of love! Love that is freely expressed by family & friends. A romantic kind of love that arrives at your doorstep. A deep love for what you do, whether it's a job, a commitment or something you're passionately doing without asking for anything in return. I hope you will feel loved and be able to give love away!


  1. What a lovely message and in return I wish all of the above to you too.
    I wanted to thank you for providing an amazing blog. I am somewhat passionate about reusing/refashioning and I have been inspired by many of your posts. Thank you!

  2. Wishing you lots of love back! There's nothing better than this wish I think, as love pervades everything we do. Have a beautiful new year!

  3. oh Claire... this is so heart-warming! sweet... thank you 4 a fab blog =D

  4. What a wonderful post!! Thank you so much. I wish it all back to you!! God bless!

  5. Thanks a lot Melanie, Brandi, Nuit & Disney :)


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