12 March 2010

Bag in Bloom

It's finally Friday! Please tell me you all had a wonderful week?

I hope you're excited to see the final look
on this blah bag.

{cue drum roll}

TADA! This bag is blooming!

I simply sewed on black rose petals (got them from Tinsel Trading Company in New York City) for added drama.

I can't wait to use it for my next formal event.

But why wait when I can use my blooming clutch
to dress up an everyday dress like this one?
(image from Old Navy)

Have a weekend worth celebrating!


  1. Hey, I was wondering what you might be able to do with old prescription bottles?

  2. Thanks for stopping by Chicken! I've been thinking of how to re-use prescription bottles for some time now without deceiving family members that there's medicine inside. I'll think up of some ideas and create a post about it :)

  3. Thanks a "bunch" Morgan! Have a "blooming" weekend!

  4. The flowers are cool...but I like the bead work on the original one, too!

  5. Thanks a lot Cele & Marfa! It's raining in my side of the world...I hope it's a nice weekend where you are :)

  6. Claire, did you make it to Target today. Oh my, I had a wonderful time with the new Liberty of London line. My favorite was the file folders.

  7. Hi Glenda! I went to Target on Monday and I loved at the Target-Liberty goodies! I wanted to get the teapot, dining stuff & pillows but they were wiped out. I saw the file folders & other stationery, too -- so cute. The clothes (for both men & women) were fab!


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