31 March 2010

An Easter Basket

It's Easter Sunday on April 4 and I thought,

"Why not turn this blah box into a
Easter project?"

And so I removed the top flaps, covered the box
with pink tissue...

...and embellished it with yellow flowers
made from produce sacks.

I filled it with chocolates and it's just waiting to be
given away on Easter Sunday!


  1. So great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To cute!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Cute! btw, how did you make the little rolls on the box?

  3. Hello there Lil Miss, Melissa and Justine! Thanks for your visit :)

    Justine, here's how I made the little rolls:
    (1) Cut a long strip of tissue, about 2 inches in height.
    (2) Fold & crease the tissue in half. With scissors, make small cuts (half inch) perpendicular/across the fold. Do this for the entire strip.
    (3) Open up the strip. Fold the opposite way.
    You'll see that the little cuts are now "rolls/curls". You can use a pencil to make the curls bloom.
    (4) Close the open ends together with glue.
    (5) Attach the tissue strips to the box with glue (glue on the side that you closed together).
    (6) Wrap this around the box, making sure the "curls" cover the ugly edges (the side glued on the box).

    Hope this helps :)


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